TimelessReborn Rules

TimelessReborn Rules

Friendly Reminder

If you think something is violating the rules or would be frowned upon, we may act on that. Don't intentionally try to find loopholes in our rules, as we will punish you in line with abusing bugs and/or exploits. User Common Sense! Staff have final say/decision, with the Senior Staff  Team having the ability to overrule any rule, decision or community consensus.

Client-Side Modifications

These are the only mods allowed on TimelessReborn. If you think any additional mods should be allowed on our network, create a support request.

NOTE: TimelessReborn does not permit downloading any part of its server builds (such as the spawn and WarZone). Punishment for doing so is a faction strike. If continued, we will issue a ban. You may download bases or other parts of the map, providing they are not within 10 chunks of any spawn, PVP area, WarZone or KoTH.

Faction Strikes:

Strike 1 - Warning Strike, no value changed

Every strike thereafter will remove 10% of your faction value.

For example, if you receive three strikes in a season, your total faction value will be depreciated by 20%.

We reserve the right to disband or disqualify any faction if we deem the faction of severely violating any rule. Examples of this may be duping or severe staff disrespect.

You are in no way authorised nor allowed to take 'revenge' on another faction for breaking a rule. In other words, you may not violate a rule just as another faction has done so - we will treat it as an equal rule violation.

Allowed Modifications List

Last updated 27th June 2020

  • The 5zig Mod
  • Badlion
  • Chunk Borders Mod
  • Console Client
  • Any mod showing your coordinates (only)
  • Custom Clients such as the Cosmic/Lunar Client or PVPLounge (We do not allow the World Downloader function)
  • Any mod showing statistics about YOURSELF (for instance, Clicks Per Second, Armor Information, Sound Sources, DirectionHUD, Keystrokes)
  • Any mods for a faction bot (such as FactionBot)
  • Labymod
  • Mod Loaders such as LiteLoader/ForgeModLoader
  • Performance Boosting mods such as Optifine
  • Visual Mods such as Shader Mods
  • Minimaps, providing they do not show players or entities of any form
  • Mods allowing you to replay recent events

Factions Rules

Faction Names must be appropriate

Rule Explanation: Your Faction Name may not contain any derogatory remarks to a protected group, as required by law. These groups are Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage and civil partnerships, Pregnancy and maternity, Race, Religion or belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation.

Punishment: Faction Strike given and if concrete evidence is given the                       players involved will receive a 2 day ban.

Mining Spawners while being raided

Rule Explanation: Mining spawners while being raided is not allowed. Disposing of spawners (burning them, despawning, etc) will be considered as mining value In order for the Punishment to be given, there must be enough Proof to show that the Faction being Raided is attempting to move most Spawners from a Grinder in an attempt to save Value.

Punishment: Value mined will be removed and the faction that mined will receive a f strike along with the players involved will receive a 2 day ban.

Faction Insiding

Rule Explanation: Faction Insiding is considered the act of either Planning to Grief (with sufficient evidence that it will be carried out), Griefing and/or Raiding of anyone's own Faction/Alt Factions whether it by them or through another Player.

Note:  If a Player leaves a Faction, he can not use any Advantages obtained while in said Faction to Raid it. Some of these Advantages are, but not limited to: Chunk access, Sell chest access, Homes, /backs, Alt Accounts in the Faction or their Land, Tricking Faction Members by telling them you are still apart of the Faction, Intentionally leaving the faction to make it over claimable. Using Accounts from other Players/Alt Accounts to Inside a Faction will result in a Punishment for the user who conducted the inside. If you are kicked you cannot do anything listed above or anything in the nature of insiding.

Note: Exploiting a Faction's mistakes such as leaving the faction open or similar will not be considered insiding.

Note: If an inside is taking place, Staff are allowed to temporarily cease raiding in that area to prevent the inside from being furthered.

Punishment: Banned until the next season, any other players or factions involved will receive the same treatment. The players or factions who insided will not be able to get faction top rewards on any realm for that map.​

Faction Merging

Rule Explanation: Merging is considered the moving of value AND players to another faction, if a faction moves into another faction’s buffer it will be classified as merging. If a faction would like to join another faction, they must take NO value. You must take evidence of you destroying all value (alongside viewing homes & pvs/enderchest) to prevent misunderstandings or contact a staff member to assist you. If player(s) decide to leave a base/faction/buffer to create their own, they must not take any value with them as this would be insiding. A faction may not move into another faction’s buffer but separate their value, this will be considered merging.Giving value to another faction (by moving spawners or supporting them with money) will be classified as merging, and the receiving faction will be punished.

Punishment: Faction and players involved will be Disqualified from competing for F-Top.

Hacking and Macros

Rule Explanation: Using or having hack clients or macros in any shape or form is not allowed.

Note: Admitting to using hacks/macros will not be taken lightly.
1st Offense - 3 day ban
2nd Offense - 6 day ban
3rd Offense - Permanent Ban

Threatening players or the server(Suicide/deathwishes/DDoS/Doxxing)

Rule Explanation: Threatening the server or player in any way is not tolerated.

Punishment: Depending on how severe the threat was, it may vary from Weeks long mutes to being blacklisted.

Forging Proof

Rule Explanation: If you attempt to report a player with proof that you have edited or created in attempt to get them banned. Through means of photoshop, fake hacker, or any other means is not allowed.

Punishment: Season Ban

Ban Evasion

Rule Explanation: Players who are banned on another account cannot join the server until the original account is unbanned. In cases of public alts, these are used at your own risk, and if they get banned you will serve the punishment. Temporary bans will have your accounts banned for double the original ban time.

Punishment: Temp-bans will be doubled

Note: If your main account is permanently banned your alts will be permanently banned as well.

Mute Evasion

Rule Explanation: Players who are muted on an account may not go on another account to attempt to talk in public chat.

Punishment: 1st Offense - both Accounts will be muted for double the original mute.

2nd Offense - 3 day ban

Rule Explanation: Putting a link in chat which leads to Pornographic/inappropriate images/sites or screamers are not tolerated.

Punishment: 1st Offense 10 day mute

2nd Offense Permanent Mute

Impersonating Staff:

Rule Explanation: Claiming you are a staff member when you are not is not allowed.

Punishment: 1st Offence: 1 Day Ban

2nd Offence: 7 Day Ban

3rd Offence: 30 Day Ban

In real life trading/scamming/chargebacks

Rule Explanation: In real life trading is allowed but scamming in real life trades is not allowed.

Rule Explanation: Scamming is allowed only in game items/features no real life trades involved.

Rule Explanation: You can chargeback but it will result in a permanent ban.

Punishment: In real life scams and chargebacks will result in permanent bans.

Do not spam/flood chat

Rule Explanation: Repeating the same phrases, flooding the chat, repeat or random characters (such as in making designs), excessive caps, bypassing chat lock, writing gibberish or a collection of letters for the purposes of annoying others are all examples of spam as it pertains to this rule. This includes TPA Spam, private message spam, faction join spam, showing off titles in chat and the like. Spam is defined as 3 messages in a short period of time with the same contents or 3 messages in a default Minecraft chat box.

Punishment: 1st Offence: Warning

2nd Offence: 1 Hour Mute

3rd Offence: 1 Day Mute

4th Offence: 3 Day Mute

5th Offence: 5 Day Mute


Rule Explanation: Spamming players or staff in a way which causes discomfort to the person being spammed is not allowed.

Punishment: A three day ban will be put in place, scaling by three days per offence.

Inappropriate Skins/Usernames

Rule Explanation: Inappropriate skins, capes, names, or banners (such as depicting racist figures, like Hitler, or sexual in nature) will result in an immediate Permanent Ban from the server as they are not able to be updated dynamically. *

Punishment: 1st Offence: Permanent Global Ban (Appeal when changed)

Racism, Discrimination and Derogatory Remarks/Content

Rule Explanation: We are an all inclusive server. Using discriminatory / racist or homophobic remarks can make players feel unwelcome on the server. This is not the case and will not be tolerated.

Punishment: Examples: Beaner, Downy, Cracker, Spic, Ni*** (Any Alternatives / Bypasses), Banners with racist or inappropriate content

1st Offence: Formal Warning

2nd Offence: 1 Hour Temporary Mute

3rd Offence: 1 Day Temporary Ban

4th Offence: 7 Day Temporary Ban​

5th Offence: Permanent Ban

Player and Staff Disrespect

Rule Explanation: Disrespecting other members of the community or members of the staff team will be a punishment depending on its severity and how many times the rule is broken. This rule includes excessive trolling, name calling, using [item] with an disrespectful item, etc.

Punishment: 1st Offence: Formal Warning

2nd Offence: 1 Hour Mute

3rd Offence: 1 Day Mute

4th Offence: 3 Day Ban​

5th Offence: 5 Day Ban

6th Offence: Permanent Ban

Glitches and Exploits

Rule Explanation:If an exploit is found, report it immediately by contacting a staff member. Using a glitch or exploit of any sort within the game to provide yourself, your faction or others an advantage will result in a ban from the server without warning.


  • Glitching into bases
  • Any sort of unraidable Base/Storage
  • Creating impossible structures
  • Item Duplication
  • Bypassing cooldowns
  • Bypassing region limitations
  • Using alts/friends to bypass kill restrictions/limitations
  • Boosting kills rankings/rewards
  • Using Gen Buckets in combat situations (Trapping)

1st Offence: 14 Day Temporary  Ban
2nd Offence: 30 Day Temporary Ban
3rd Offence: Permanent Ban (Further punishments can occur)

Note: If a faction is caught using a bug or exploit to gain advantages for the faction, a faction warning can be given depending on the situation.​

Note: The Duplication of items will most likely result in a Permanent Global Blacklist (without the chance of an unban via a purchased unban/appealing - Further punishments can occur)​


Rule Explanation: Putting a link/IP in chat that relates to another server, and links/references to your personal youtube/twitch account (where the content is related to another server) may result in a punishment.

1st Offence: 1 Day mute
2nd Offence: 2 Day Ban + 7 Day Mute
3rd Offence: Permanent Ban​

Note: If the advertisement is accidental and not done to steal players from our network player may be given a warning decided by Staff.

Maximum Alternative Accounts

Rule Explanation: We have a maximum of six alternative accounts per player, and a maximum of twenty per faction.

Punishment: If exceeded, you will be given 24 hours to remove any additional alternative accounts from your faction in the event of a faction maximum violation. If the amount of alts is above 20 after 24 hours, you will receive a faction strike. If a personal account goes over four alternative accounts, you will be asked to select the six alternative accounts you want to use, and the rest will be banned.


Rule Explanation: We do not allow B-Claiming of any form on TimelessReborn. B-Claiming is where you claim all chunks around or at another faction to prevent them from expanding.

Punishment: You will be given 24 hours to remove all B-Claims. If they refuse to unclaim them, an administrator will remove the B-Claims and issue a 4 day ban to the user who claimed the land. Additionally, your faction will receive a strike. Repeat offences will result in one strike per offence and a 4 day ban to the user who claimed the land if they have previously b-claimed.

Note: Just because you are given 24 hours to remove it does not mean you can wait all 24 hours to do it. The moment you are able to do it, you must remove otherwise that is founded as looping rules. This apply to all other rules that may have the same situation.

Corner Claims

Rule Explanation: A faction may only claim one corner on the server.

Punishment: You will be given 24 hours to remove additional corner claims. If you do not within the time provided, an administrator will remove additional corner claims and you will receive a strike.

Note: This is one corner on the server, not one corner per block.

Grace Period

Rule Explanation: During Grace you may not raid a faction in any way shape or form.

Note: PvP is allowed everywhere on the map that is enabled.

Setting Home

Rule Explanation: You may not set home on any claimed territory but yours. Leaving an alt inside a base is looping this rule which is not allowed.

Punishment: 24 hours to remove home, depending on the damage there may be a ban included.

Note: You may sethome on Allied claims if given permission to.

Alt Faction/Alt Account evading

Rule Explanation: You may not use an alt to evade rules

Punishment:  Both Main and alt accounts will receive punishments depending on the rule broken.

Faction Permanent Bans/Rules Broken

Rule Explanation: For every 5 permanent bans or 7 rule brokens a faction will receive a f strike

Punishment: F strike

Teaming hackers

Rule Explanation: Any attempt to aid another player using a blacklisted mod, exploit or break any other major rule (one that would lead to a large temporary ban/permanent ban) by giving them items or assisting them in PvP will be considered a violation of this rule. If you are shown giving items to a player using a blacklisted mod in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage or to consistently PvP alongside others using a blacklisted mod you will be punished accordingly. This rule will only be able to be dealt with by staff and can not be reported by players in any way.


1st Offence: 7 Day Ban
2nd Offence: 14 Ban

1st & 2nd Offence for a faction will receive 1 faction warning per offence
Further Offences for a faction will receive 2 faction warnings per offence

Excessive Rule Violation

Rule Explanation: Excessive rule violations from a single faction (including Alt Factions) will result in the disqualification from Faction Top and also the potential to be disbanded depending on the situation/rule broken. Rule violations such as Disrespect will not contribute towards disqualification however it can lead to punishments being given if there are multiple violations from multiple different players. Merging with another Faction (exchanging valuables, members, etc) will lead to that Faction being disqualified from Faction Top as well. Excessive rule violations from lower rank players (trusted, member, recruit) will still count towards this rule.

Punishment: Will vary on the violations

Allying different faction to raid/defend

Rule Explanation: Unallying to raid or defend other factions is not allowed and is looping the one ally rule.

Punishment: Both factions involved will receive f strikes and any damage done will be rolled back.

Raiding Rules

Cannon Speed

Cannon speeds are 4 seconds minimum.

The base will be rolled back and a strike issued.

Maximum Cannons

Only one cannon may be fully built and ready to fire at one time per faction.

The base will be rolled back and a strike issued.

Cannon Raid Box

Cannon boxes with walls may be no more than 5 by 5 chunks.

Punishment: Base will be rolled back, and a strike issued.

Raid Classification

A raid is considered started when a Faction has gone through at least One wall using a Cannon with the intent to Raid/Breach or if a faction is already in your base. If the Cannon has not been fired in 10 Minutes , the Raid will be considered over.


The following cannons are allowed to be used on the TimelessReborn server.

  • Left/Right
  • Pseudo Nukes
  • Reverse Hybrid Nukes,
  • Hybrid Nukes
  • All Hybrid cannons which have a shooting speed of 4+ seconds.

The following cannons are not allowed to be used on the TimelessReborn server.

  • Cannons which shoot faster than once every four seconds
  • Cannons intended to lag the server
  • Cannons which cause the server to lag to a noticeable amount by all players

Punishment: The base will be rolled back and a strike issued. The player responsible will be issued a 2 day ban and an f strike will be given to the faction determined by Senior Staff.

Interfering Raids

Faction A (Being Raided) can only be raided/attacked by Faction B (Raider) and Faction C (Ally of Faction B). No other faction or player should be near (spectators, picking up loot, fighting, wilderness, etc).

Punishment: The base be raided will be rolled back, and other factions/players involved will be issued a strike and 2 day ban.

Note: Faction A (Being Raided) may have Faction D (Ally of Faction A) help defend.

Note: Only one ally may assist when raiding, and you must have been allies before the raid started.

Roof Raiding

Roof raiding is NOT allowed.

Punishment: 2 day ban for the player building the cannon as well as a faction strike if the cannon has been fired at least once. All damages will be rolled back.

Note: Roof cannons are cannons that shoot TNT or sand at or above 256

Base Rules

Counter Cannons

Each faction may have a maximum of four counter cannons/counter cannon boxes in their walls. Counter cannons may NOT be used to raid other faction bases. A singular, separate cannon must be used for raiding.

Punishment: Any extra counter cannons will be removed via worldedit, and a f strike issued.


A faction base may have a maximum of 20 chunks of walls, with a maximum of two anti nuke/finnster walls as a part of these walls.

Punishment: Any extra walls will be removed via WorldEdit, and a f strike issued.

Anti-Raid Claims

Any claims that your faction claims outside your buffer to prevent someone from claiming a box is not allowed.

Punishment: Any unnecessary claims will be removed, and a f strike issued.

Note: The buffer starts from outside the main base (See Base Rule #4).

Note: If your claim is to build a defence box for the likes of a counter cannon, it is allowed.

Placed Spawner Value

70% of your Mob Spawner value must be placed inside the “main” base/claim at all times, while 80% of your Mob Spawner value must be placed throughout all claims at all times (during grace).

Punishment: A faction will have 24 hours to place value, and if the value is not placed, a f-strike will be issued, all value involved will be removed from the map.

Note: To be eligible for F-Top payout your base needs to have at least 10 watered walls and be created a week before payouts. However if a faction has spawners not located in their main base, at the end for F-TOP, they will be discredited from F-TOP. The main base is considered the most Potential spawner value placed.  

Base Limit

Factions may have unlimited bases at one time, as long as the bases in question follow the following rules: Placed Spawner Value, Walls

Punishment: Bases will be world edited/removed depending on which rules are violated.

Unraidable Defenses/Walls

Any types of unraidable walls/blocks such as: enchantment tables, iron bars, cobblestone fences, ender chests etc. are not allowed.

Punishment: The base will be world edited so that the walls are removed, the player responsible for the walls will be banned for 2 days, and a f strike will be determined by Senior Staff.

Gen Patching

No gen patching is allowed in any way shape, or form, including patching cannon boxes, and base walls.

Punishment: Structure will be rolled back, a 2 day ban will be issued to the player who gen-patched, and a f strike will be determined by Senior Staff.

Note: You can patch manually only.

B-Claims: We do not allow B-Claiming of any form on TimelessReborn.

B-Claiming is where you claim all chunks around another faction to prevent them from expanding.

Punishment: The claim will be removed, and a f strike issued.

Corner Claims

Each faction may have one corner claimed in total. This means one corner out of the 12 total corners, no matter the world.

Punishment: Extra claims will have 24 hours to be removed, and if they are not removed, they will be unclaimed, and a f strike will be issued.

Hiding Value

You must have 80% of your total 'value' placed at any one time

Punishment: You will be given 24 hours to place additional items of value. If you do not within the time provided, any hidden item will be removed and a strike will be issued.

Note: Should you intentionally hide value in Player Balances (by purchasing spawners at the end of the world, for instance) then you will be moved down one place on /ftop (irrelevant of values of other factions).

Distasteful Art/Buildings

Any excessive or large-scale art/buildingst that is created with any inappropriate, disrespectful, racist, derogatory/sexual remarks, etc images or symbols is not allowed whatsoever. If any other results from above are broken it will result in a much more severe punishment (depending on the extent of the rules broken or type of rules broken) such as permanent bans without question. If there is no evidence of who placed the pixel art, the leader of the faction will be punished.

1st Offence: Art/building is removed & Verbal Warning*
2nd Offence: Art/building is removed & 3 Day Temporary Ban
3rd Offence: Art/building is removed, 7 Day Temporary Ban & 1 Faction Strike

Spawner Surroundings

Rule Explanation: You can only have 8 spawners per pillar and must be surrounded by 9 blocks of air all round even the corners, top, and bottom.

Punishment: You will be given 24 hours to rectify this. After which point 20% of spawners will be removed, and a faction strike will be issued.

Note: Spawners that need grass blocks like pigs, cows, and chickens do not exactly have to follow the spawner rules.

Regen Walls

Rule Explanation: Walls which automatically repair themselves (such as by placing cobblestone via a mix of lava and water) are not allowed.

Punishment: The faction will be given 24 hours to remove their regen walls. If not removed, a faction strike will be issued and an administrator will remove all walls on the base with WorldEdit.

Automated Raid Checkers

Rule Explanation: Any automatic service which alerts you to a raid is fully prohibited. You can manually check your base for a raid, however, any mod or bot that does it for you is prohibited.

Punishment: The faction will be issued with a strike and any player with an automated checker will be banned for 48 hours.