The Tropical Realm

A beautiful tropical plains, with Outposts, KOTHs, Duels, Faction Wars, 300+ Quests, Three Worlds, Twelve Corners and more!

The Tropical Realm

Hey everyone. Today, we're announcing the new features and perks of our Tropical Realm.

The launch for our Tropical Realm is on June 27 @ 7PM UK, 8PM Europe, 2PM EST, 1PM Central or 4AM AEST.

New WarZone

We've got a great new WarZone designed around a tropical relaxing vacation, with a large lagoon lake, and other attractions.

We're using the same spawn as our Sci-Fi realm - the spaceship has simply flown on.

NEW: Outposts

There's two outposts in this map. They are active between 12PM and 12AM (midnight) Eastern Standard Time (EST) each day.

Outpost 1 - The Sand Castle
Claiming the castle entitles you to the kingdom. With solid walls of wet sand, and flags flown high - if you own this castle you deserve respect.

While you own this Outpost, you get a 1.5x sell boost, as anyone who owns the castle deserves the best selling prices in the kingdom. This bonus applies to the sign shop, /shop, and collectors.

Additionally, you'll deal an extra 20-30% damage against mobs and players while you hold this Outpost, taking full advantage of the military strength of the sand castle.

Outpost 2 - A Green Cottage
This old cottage may be a bit on the small side, but that has its advantages: There's less places for invasion, letting you focus your defensive force on few entry points.

While you own this Outpost, you'll get a 1.5x bonus on all experience gained via Vanilla minecraft. It must be something in the stew there - it tastes very good.

You'll also receive a 1.5x McMMO multiplier for your faction while you hold this outpost.

At one end of the lake, we've got a fantastic Sand Castle outpost, complete with turrets, fortifications and three floors to explore.

NEW: 300+ Quests

We've added over 300 quests to TimelessReborn. They're categorised into the following:

  • Farming (72 Quests)
  • Mining (31 Quests)
  • Riddles (22 Quests)
  • Collectables (29 Quests)
  • Hoarders (59 Quests)
  • Combat & PvP (51 Quests)
  • Miscellaneous (19 Quests)
  • Building (14 Quests)
  • Mobs & Animals (12 Quests)

Many of our quests are based around progression - so as you finish one quest, another will unlock. Many rewards are gained through perseverance, with Legendary and Exotic engrams in the mix, along with over 10 pieces of unique Quest armour, swords, bows and axes.

There's other huts, towers and attractions dotted around the WarZone too!

NEW: Faction Wars

We've added in Faction Wars - you can barter and fight up to 6v6 battles against your opponents in a Roman Gladiator arena.

Be careful - you can bring your own loot into the arena, and you can loose loot in the arena!

Our Faction War arena is set in an Ancient Roman gladiatorial arena, with you and your opponent(s) against each other.

NEW: King of the Hill

Fight head-to-head every day at 7PM BST (except Saturdays) to win the King of the Hill event, and the G-Set it comes with.

The King of the Hill area is in the upper floor of the Lifeguard tower (/warp KoTH in-game)

You need to hold the King of the Hill for 5 Minutes in order to claim it. The faction member who has capped the King of the Hill for the longest will receive a KoTH Crate Key in their inventory, unlocking the treasure chest at the top of the Lifeguard tower!

Don't want to wait? You can buy a King of the Hill Flare from our store at!

The King of the Hill event is set on a typical Lifeguard lookout tower.

NEW: 150+ Envoy Items

Over 150 items have been added to the Envoy event that happens every 45 minutes in the WarZone.

Additionally, Envoy flares have been added to our store.

90 Carepackages spawn in the WarZone, with 150+ different items inside of them.

Other Realm Information

Server Economy

The server economy is a Sugar Cane and Spawner economy.

Map Length

The map will run until July 19th, 2020. This is 22 days. The grace period will be one week, so 7 days of grace and 15 days of TNT.

Server IP

Make sure to Play @ TIMELESSPVP.NET this Saturday!

Worlds and Corners

We have three worlds: The Overworld, The Nether and The End. Each world has four corners, totalling twelve corners in the entire map.

The Overworld is 7500x7500 (corners at X/Z +- 3750).
The Nether and End is 4500x4500 (corners at X/Z +- 2250)

Other Changes

  • Printer is now fully flawless (and tested).
  • /shop has been re-added for players ranked Mortal and above.
  • Scoreboards have been made dynamic to enable events to take over the default scoreboard.
  • Anticheat has been changed to fix printing issues.
  • Anticheat will now automatically alert staff instead of banning (whilst we continue to gather data)
  • Server Optimisation has generally been improved.
  • Enchantment engine has been reverted to the Season 12 enchantment system.

Thank you for your continued support with TimelessReborn, and we can't wait to see you at 7PM BST this Saturday!