The Sci-Fi Realm

Learn about the Sci-Fi realm, its economy, its new core and see our response to over 60 user suggestions and feedback...

The Sci-Fi Realm

TimelessReborn is approaching it's thirteen season, and we're excited to announce the realm theme will be SCI-FI (Science Fiction)!

What's New?

We've worked to completely rework and rewrite our core from the ground up, with efficiency and functionality at its center.

The core used from Season 8 through 12 was originally based on a fork of our original core, which was written over two and a half years ago. It was out of date, slow and lacked many common themes and principals found in factions that our new core has!

We've been really listening to our community (check out our Discord Server!), and we've been working to implement over 60 user-suggested features and improvements.
This allows us to work with you to ensure you're seeing a server you want to see, and lays out a framework for us to work to improve the server even more for Season 14 (as we do anticipate teething issues with Season 13).

As suggested by our community, we're rewriting our rules and reworking our internal systems to ensure the rules are enforced to a better standard than before. Our Discord is going through a restructuring and reorganising, similar to what we've done on our sister server, TitanReborn. This will remove redundant channels and make the process of reporting bugs, applying for staff and making suggestions clearer.

A brand new core!

Our core has been completely rewritten from the ground up. Our main focus has been speed and scalability, ensuring we can handle over 100 players connected to the realm at 20TPS.

We've tested cannoning and have verified that cannons are working and functional as expected.

Rules and Regulations

We've updated the rules for TimelessReborn to be fairer and more reflective of our community, after taking in the feedback of our users.

TimelessReborn Rules
This post outlines the official faction rules for TimelessReborn, last revised for Season 13: Sci-Fi. These rules are subject to change at any time.

New Spawn

Our spawn is themed around sci-fi this season as already mentioned, and has different floating buildings, with the general theme inspired by the Futuristic realm from TimelessPvP!

The spawn features flying buildings, floating spaceships and more!

Thank You!

We weren't expecting the overwhelming positive response to the realm we've seen over the last 48 hours. It means a lot to us as the server management team to see playerbases of over 100, and we can't wait to explore future realms, with Season 14 being an original TimelessPvP realm!