The scavenger hunt is on!

There's a pin-protected basement in the Fine Arts school of TitanReborn. Can you work out the pin and gain entry to this mysterious place?

The scavenger hunt is on!

Has anyone ever noticed the basement door in the Fine Arts school? No? Us neither!

A pin-protected door seems to have a mystery behind it, but what is the pin? We don't know!

The basement seems to have just... appeared!

A few NPCs in the Fine Arts school have been working on cracking this mysterious pin, but they could use your help...

Right-click on Gabe to get started, and he'll set you off on a hunt to find the four digits of the door pin.

Gabe's an NPC found outside the basement

The code to the basement is unique for every single player, so you'll need to do the hunt for yourself to gain access. Once you're down there, though, the reward is quite satisfying.

As a little bonus, we've added a second code to the pinpad which is related to the release date of TitanReborn, can you work it out?

Good luck, and have fun!